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Business communication

Increase productivity and efficiency with unified communications

It goes without saying that communications are vital to any business. Whether it’s internal communication or the way you interact with your customers, businesses couldn’t function without it.

However, it’s often overlooked when identifying which business functions could be improved.

By improving the way your business communicates, you can increase productivity and efficiency, which ultimately leads to increased profitability.

Why work with TSG on your business communications?

We’re proud to offer managed IT services and solutions which cover the entire spectrum of business technology, and we’ve got highly qualified experts in each area.

Our approach is to only implement the solutions that are the best-fit for your business; we’ve got expertise in a range of industry-leading technology platforms, but we’re technology-agnostic. If a solution isn’t the right one for your business, we won’t recommend it. Simple.

Our expertise in a number of solutions means we’ll also help you get value for money; we know the technologies we deploy inside and out, meaning we can make recommendations that will allow you to see a demonstrable ROI.

Unified comms

Unified comms brings together all of your business communications, allowing your employees and customers to use the method(s) most suited to them and enhancing your business communication.

Unified comms typically encompasses:

  • Voice services

  • Email messaging services

  • Instant messaging solutions which include presence information

  • Meeting platforms (voice and video)

  • Multiple clients including desktop, phones and mobiles

  • Document sharing and collaboration

Additionally, adopting an omni-channel approach can lead to increased customer satisfaction, as you’re allowing customers to get in touch in the way most suited to them.

This is becoming increasingly important as the global workforce becomes more mobile. As workers can be tens, hundreds or even thousands of miles apart, comprehensive communication tools are essential to effective collaboration.

Our unified comms offering includes:

Microsoft Teams

With instant messaging, video conferencing, file-sharing and dedicated, streamlined teams and channels, Microsoft Teams is the fast-growing collaboration hub which works for both office-based and remote employees and allows for easy, speedy collaboration.

Gamma Horizon

Gamma Horizon is the hosted telephony communication suite which has mobility at its heart. Users can tether desk phone numbers to mobiles, use instant messaging and video conferencing and more to ensure availability to customers and colleagues anytime, anywhere.


Our workers are more mobile than ever before. Remote working is on the up, with 50% of UK workers expected to be home-workers by 2020.

Remote working brings with it a host of benefits including increased productivity, better work-life balance and increased job satisfaction, but it also comes with challenges. Onceover, workers could easily communicate face-to-face, but now are collaborating digitally.

There are a number of solutions you can implement to ensure your workforce can collaborate effectively:

  • IP-based telephony solutions combining your fixed and mobile solutions via a single system and number
  • VoIP solutions which allow you to attach your desk phone number to your mobile
  • Collaboration suites which include instant messaging and are available cross-device
  • Video conferencing solutions which allow home and office-based staff to meet remotely
  • Telephony solutions which manage call flows and generate reports, creating efficiencies

Digital transformation

There’s still a misconception that digital transformation requires huge, expensive changes to a business. But, thankfully, it’s a lot simpler than that.

Digital transformation focuses on small, incremental changes you can make to your business to increase productivity and efficiency, improve processes and ultimately increase profitability.

Telephony and communication systems don’t automatically spring to mind when thinking about digitally transforming, but it’s an area where your business can reap a multitude of rewards including:

  • Immediate cost-savings in reduced CapEx

  • Long-term cost-savings in the reduced requirement for business travel

  • Increased productivity, thanks to better collaboration

  • Encrypted cloud communications offer better business security

  • Scalability, which allows your solution to grow with your business

  • Know when your colleagues are available with presence information

ISDN end-of-life

Businesses still operating on ISDN must switch to a different service before the forthcoming end-of-life in 2025.

The service is becoming more expensive and less reliable and, from 2020, BT will no longer take orders for ISDN; so the deadline isn’t as far away as it seems. It’s therefore essential to consider your options well in advance of this looming deadline.

Businesses are turning to hosted telephony as an alternative to outdated ISDN for a number of reasons, including:

  • Increased security and disaster recovery options that come with the cloud-based solution
  • Mobility at the heart of hosted solutions; work anytime, anywhere
  • Reduced costs in upfront CapEx, hardware and line rental via a subscription model
  • Regular, automatic updates to ensure you’re always working on the latest version

Find out more about hosted telephony

Gamma Horizon is a complete, hosted, IP-based communication suite with mobility at its heart. The user can communicate via desk phone, softphone or mobile (fixed mobile convergence) whilst presenting a single number across all devices and regions, offering instant messaging, video conferencing and more to ensure availability to customers and colleagues anytime, anywhere.

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